Kids' Haven - Meal Makers
Kids' Haven - A center for grieving children ages 3 -18
We are tremendously grateful to each of our Meal Makers for the nourishment you provide, the smiles you share and the energy you bring to us when you serve. We meet the second and fourth Monday of most months in Magill Hall, St. John's Church, Boston Avenue, Lynchburg VA 24503.

The meals you provide can have a profound effect on the group experience. Knowing that a meal is waiting for one's family is a blessing to the parent/care giver bringing the child/ren to group. Having the luxury of not cooking one night and knowing that one's children will be well fed, safe and your time can be spent reconnecting around a circular table is a gift in and of itself. We want the children and adults to connect with other families, to learn from them, to encourage them, to listen to them. Providing meals can do just that. And, we hope, you have fun while you are doing it!

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