Kids' Haven - Volunteer Form
Kids' Haven - A center for grieving children ages 3 -18
Volunteer Form 
Please complete this form if you would like to connect with Kids' Haven and find a way to volunteer. You can also contact our program director directly. Contact our office by phone or email with any questions. 

Volunteer Application
Address 2
Email Address
Home Phone Number
Cell Phone Number
Employment History (Company/ Position Held/ Dates of Employment
Education (School/ Degree, Certificate, Program/ Dates)
Describe your experiences working with children, teens and adults
Describe any previous training you have had related to grief & loss
Please tell us about the deaths and other losses you have experienced
Please share why you'd like to volunteer for Kids' Haven, including what you hope to gain from volunteering
I give my permission to Kids' Haven to contact the following two people to do a reference check. Please list people other than family members; we suggest current or former supervisors. Name/ Relationship/ Telephone Number
I ackowledge and agree that all the above information is accurate.

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