Kids’ Haven collects information about our participant families and the death they are grieving. Our work with you and your family is confidential, and all information is private.

All families must complete this form before joining group night. If you prefer to handwrite forms, you may print them out here. When attending your first group night, both the guardian and all participants will also sign the Family Agreement Statement and Privacy Statement. A copy of these statements can be viewed and/or printed here. We will also have paper copies at Group Night.

A member of staff would be happy to assist you in completing these forms. Please email or call 434 845 4072 to set up an appointment.

Contact Information
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Your name
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Contact Phone Number
Contact Phone Number
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Please include name, birth date, age and gender for each participant.
Questions about the person that died
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Date of death *
Date of death
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Questions about the child(ren) attending:
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Does the child(ren) have a diagnosis that could impact them in a group setting?
Emergency Contact Person
Emergency Contact Person
Emergency Contact phone number
Emergency Contact phone number