Kids Haven is a good place to be real for myself and my children.  No one puts on airs and we know we are hurting together.
Kids Haven is just good for the soul to force your family to slow down and admit this is tough but showing we want to heal.  We are forced to ask hard questions like How can we do life and grief better for my family?  Questions like Do we need to make changes are helpful to keep me healthy.
Kids Haven is good because no one judges you if go a bit emotional or share a roundabout feeling.  The participants just listen and try to understand your ideas until they get what you are saying and then accept this idea and confirm you….It is beautiful to see others exhibit this. I am not one to have this “gift” but I do try to listen and hear what others mean.
Kids Haven is a good place to express yourself and examine your grief process.  Am I making progress and can I do better?  Its good to get feedback from the group participants and confirm your direction and if changes are needed sometimes good ideas are suggested. Just talking helps me put together where I am and enables me to see my progress. It is very therapeutic to verbalize my emotions and look objectively at my “issue” I am having.
When my niece died, it was very hard for my great-nieces and nephew, but, since we have been coming to Kids’ Haven, they have been able to talk about their mother and are feeling more pleasant, instead of sad all the time. Kids’ Haven has been a blessing, and I would recommend it to anyone.
I started bringing my son to Kids’ Haven after his father died of a sudden massive heart attack. Although his father and I were divorced, my son was very close to his father, and he has had a hard year. He has found peace and happiness at Kids’ Haven, and I am so grateful to everyone involved.