Peer Support Groups

School Groups

Kids’ Haven school groups provides a place where children and teens who have experienced a life changing death loss can come together to be part of a community. Through participation in facilitated peer groups, they find understanding, stability and support.

School groups can provide grief support for children during the school day which is especially helpful for children who may be unable to access our Group Night meetings. 

Our support groups are facilitated by trained grief volunteers.

  • Groups are held in a welcoming, and safe environment.
  • Groups meet every other week throughout the school year. 
  • Grief related themes are explored in the groups through games, art activities and discussion.
  • Our peer groups and services are offered free of charge.
  • If you would like your child to join a group please get in touch with the school counselor who will share specific information about the group at their school.


What happens at Kids’ Haven stays at Kids’ Haven. The expectation of confidentiality is discussed at the start of each group. The only exception to the confidentiality rules will be in the event a participant suggests intent to harm self or others.


Local School Locations

  • Amherst High School  

  • Bass Elementary School

  • Brookville Middle School
  • Dunbar Middle School  
  • EC Glass High School
  • Linkhorne Middle School
  • Madison Heights Elementary 
  • RS Payne Elementary School
  • Sandusky Elementary School
  • Sandusky Middle School  
  • Sheffield Elementary School
  • TC Miller Elementary School 

Kids' Haven's mission is to support grieving children in the Greater Lynchburg area.  If there is not a group in your school and you would like to partner with Kids' Haven to create one, please get in touch.  

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